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The aim of this website is to maintain an interest in this iconic trainer aircraft.

The de Havilland Chipmunk Club was founded in 1977 by Ralph Steiner at a time when these aircraft and parts were released from the M.o.D onto the civilian market. There was no central hub at the time for new owners to contact for assistance and information on the aircraft. Membership grew from 1977 to over seven hundred and seventy four in 2013.

The continuing airworthiness responsibility for the aircraft is the registered company DE HAVILLAND SUPPORT LTD. All matters arising to the airworthiness of the aircraft must be referred to them.

We now only supply various Chipmunk identification material, and a large selection of aircraft manuals once published by de Havilland and the M.o.D covering the Gipsy engine, airframe and ancillaries. These are of historical interest and were current at the time when the aircraft was in service.

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